There comes a point when all the things inside cannot be held back anymore.
A moment that you know will last forever, a dream that you never though would come true… the only dream that required another to find fruition.

It has happened. This dream has been shredded inside of me, torn away, judged and I fucking FOUGHT to destroy it.

I test myself. I haven’t needed to in a very, very long time. NOt regarding something like this. Like HER.

I announce it now, for all the world to see.
Fuck cute, fuck coy, fuck hiding the obvious.

Kata, I love you.

What you think of me does not matter. This is mine – my heart given and true.
My heart, tattered, shredded… to you.

For all to see.

I don’t play any prescribed games.
I feel, I test, I rip myself apart…

And then I know.

I know that I love you. I know that I have been waiting a LONG fucking time for you.

Hi. here I am…

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