a gift called…

This is something I know.

I have a way with people. Maybe something in my smile, in the tone of my voice, the ease in my laugh…

I don’t know. Something. A way.

It is not from all the hells I have been through, but perhaps the way I found out of them. It is not from my mistakes, but maybe what I learned…

I will always make more. Mistakes are the greatest thing that anyone can do.

I have a gift. People have told me that my entire life. I didn’t believe them. I was just like everyone else, nothing special, nothing more or less than anyone. I tried to be like them…

But I couldn’t.

So I use what I have. To help. A way with people – I have been there. A way with words to let you know how extraordinary you are.

My gift is being able to give all of my soul to anyone who needs it.
There are times when it hasn’t been strong enough, and I could not save that life, or that one…

So I work to make it stronger. Make more mistakes, dream larger and fight for my dreams every single day.

I have a gift.
It is called love.


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