Teaser (My Story is *Coming!*)


Something HUGE is happening later today with the (yet untitled) book I am writing, and YOU can be in on it!


An incredibly heart-wrenching, surprising, and even at times laugh-out-loud story about friendship, family, the value of dreams – and finding the courage and will to fight back from death’s door. To not only survive, but live – and find the courage inside yourself to make your dreams into reality.

It’s an unapologetic, pull-no-punches, honest, moving and inspiring story about transformation, personal growth, trusting in yourself, doing what you believe is right and fighting like hell to live the amazing life you deserve…

Though the specific journey written about in this story is solely mine, there is something in it for absolutely everyone who has ever faced – or ever will face a difficult challenge.


kSea writes with passion, precision, and a keen eye for the striking image. He has also, in the many years I’ve known him, shown remarkable tenacity and focus on the projects he’s taken on.
~ Lisa Dostrova Public Engagement Manager at Ragged Wing Ensemble


kSea is an excellent writer with a spectacular use of words and images to convey meaning, depth and compelling story telling. He has much to share as a writer.
Georgia Jean, Owner of Circle Evolution. Actor


Ksea is an exceptional writer, and has the ability to transport you to other places. While reading his stories, I have forgotten where I am. That’s what a good writer does.
~ Brady Spindel – Psychotic, stilt-walking, firebreathing zombie-clown… at Cirque Berzerk


“kSea flux is a living embodiment of artistic spirit. He throws himself completely into his work and fears nothing but the chance to gain access to new and more bizarre talents.”
~ Amanda Palmer, singer & songwriter, TED talker, ‘The Dresden Dolls’ www.dresdendolls.com


kSea is what happens when you decide to live your dreams. His unstoppable passion to live is breathtaking. I consider myself lucky to have shared the stage with such a passionate and beautiful soul. Every single rare second i spend with him is something I cherish.
~ Wenzdai Atom-Morgan – Photographer


“kSea walks the walk, talks the talk, and is more amazing in ten seconds than most people are in a lifetime.”

~ Clara LaFrance – co-performer, arial dancer and instructor. Boston, MA / Oakland, CA


Besides being a person of excellent character and a terrific performer, kSea is one of the few people who I know who has consistently provided a platform for the myriad of performers and communities who navigate the subtext of our culture and civilization.

Through his insights and connections to these iconoclasts and rule breakers, kSea demonstrates ways of being and expressing oneself that provides the rest of us with beacons to a more colorful reality filled with possibility, meaning and hope.
Craig Morse, Photographer – Musicians at Culture:Subculture Photography


I’m writing on behalf of an extraordinary person that I am lucky to know in my life time, kSea.

I am a artist in the Bay Area and have worked with Ksea in many large scale areas, bring smiles to many people’s faces and assisting with helping individuals imaginations soar above and beyond every reality. Although we are around some of the most amazing performers in the bay, Ksea has a special light that has always charmed me in a unique manner. As a writer, I am one that hears words from others and I am able to distinguish where someone may truly be coming from with their choice of magic. When conversing with Ksea, I always find myself stopped in my tracks to hear his outpouring of love and compassion with all and everyone that passes. We all have our good and sad parts, yet it always seems when conversing with Ksea that the good parts always shine through. It is actually very inspiring and has helped me on many occasion to see past whatever challenge I may be faced with, and to keep believing that whatever comes our way, we can make it with love and compassion in our hearts as long as we stay positive and never give up. To whomever reads this, may you find yourself as lucky as I to have such a wonderful person as Ksea in your life.

~Keno Mapp. musician, performer, publisher.


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