thousands to one

fuck this.
The book… the story will be nothing compared to asking for the support – the *permission* I will need to actually see it published, to be able to show so many others that absolutely *nothing* is impossible…

I had no choice but to ask for help, and you gave it – for my life. Without you, all of you, I would have certainly died…

but that was only one life. Only me – but I am someone you know.

Would you do the same for hundreds, maybe thousands that you don’t?

Whitney Moses
December 1, 2011 •
For folks that know kSea flux, he is fighting the fight of his life right now. I’ve never known anyone to continually outrun death quite like that man. Please keep him in your thoughts. He can use all the extra support he can get.

If nothing else, this will be an interesting social experiment.


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