Out of sight
out of mind and only
if it were so easy.

Balancing on the edge of indecision
after a climb through paradise
when he trusted with all he had
gave it to her, saying
“This was made over a lifetime. Please treat it well.”

But she had forgotten
or perhaps never had the chance to learn
what to do with a gift
forged entirely for her.


Perhaps he should have listened when
she told him to run…

but not finding the space in her life
for a heart such as his
with all of its blemishes, scars, cracks
and gold

she held it in her hand, still uncertain
and watched helpless
as it crumbled and again
its dust taken by the wind…


2 responses to “indecision

  1. I had my hopes up. Smiling when you were so happy. And now I feel your pain. There will be someone who finds you… a forever home for your heart of gold. It will happen.

    • It’s been a WHILE since I’ve been on WP – need to fix that!

      Thank you, Lori, for your encouragement. The more I look back on those 9 1/2 Weeks (okay, much longer, but couldn’t resist the easy (& appropriate?) reference.)… the more I look back on us & her, the more I realize – *clearly* see, how good it is that it went no further than it did.

      Someday, someone… but in the meantime, I have a Kickstarter campaign to get the last pieces together & launch, and then after that I FINALLY get to write my book!
      & I’m friggin’ THRILLED about that – I can’t WAIT to get it out to the world!

      Thank you for everything, m’dear – ALL of your support & encouraging words over the years… and soon (roughly a year-ish), *my* gift to you & the rest of the world will be written…

      ANd NOW, I need to take care of a very patient pup.
      Until again, my dear friend!

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