How fortunate…

It’s been a long day.
A long, beautiful day, waking up at 7afuckingm for breakfast with a new friend and good conversation, to coming home and again fighting myself to write the script for the Kickstarter campaign video. It has now been rewritten approximately 735,956 times, and I still can’t get it right… but I’m getting closer.

It’s difficult to say everything I need to in a space of three minutes. Damn the attention span that the interweb has created.
Everything hinges on this video. If this project doesn’t get funded, sure, the book will be completed – but no one will see it, read it, and it won’t help anyone ever.

It’s been a long day. Tomorrow, I continue – but with added bonus! A friend is loaning her car to me indefinitely, so I’ll have transportation to the archery range, various dog parks, the Sea and most importantly, perhaps even my Mother if I can afford the fuel. I will. I need to get to her, check in, take care of her.
Get to know her.

I should sleep. Close the computer, open my current book, escape my mind and this frustration, and sleep – at least for a few hours. We do it all over again tomorrow – and I can’t wait.

Gods, what an exquisite life.

How fortunate we are…

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