This time, no background music…

No long, drawn out story. Not this time. No whining, no sorrowful violins in the background to pull on your heart-strings, no slow build to the point and the reason why.
You already know that if you’ve read nearly anything I’ve written recently, most likely.

I need the herbs that keep me going & keep the swelling & pain mostly at bay, and I need help to get those things in order to keep fighting.
And right now I’m negative $9.31 in my account. (Love those automatic charges…)

If you can help… and if not, believe me – I completely understand.


or (slower with fees)

4 responses to “This time, no background music…

  1. I’m sorry that I can’t, and I completely get that my well wishes are useless to you right now. I hope you’re able to secure the financial aid that you clearly need, my friend.

    • Tony, I apologize, but I need to correct you – well wishes don’t get me the herbs I need, but they DO have an immense value. At times when I want to give up the fight – when I’m weary of all it has taken & continues to take & I just want to fade away quietly – it’s the words that I read that give life to the fading spark inside of me. The words that others have written to me, encouraging me to keep going, telling me they inspire them… at times, those are far more important than money could ever be.

      So thank you, Tony. Your well wishes are *far* from useless.

      ~ Casey

  2. Damn STRAIGHT I will! Needing to make a few more dreams come true gave me the will to live & baffle the Doctors when I walked out of the Hospice after 18 months (and yes, made them come true!) – so I figure as long as I always have a few “impossible” things I want to achieve, I’ll have the strength to beat *anything* that’s in my way! 😉

    “Never let logic stand in the way of your Dreams” ~ me

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