To Give Back

If I could do anything for you, I would.

Unfortunately, I’m only able to do everything I can.

And I will.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had a good friend tell me tonight that I need to have faith. Have faith that this campaign to allow me to write & publish my book will be successful.

It’s difficult.

The greater the risk, the harder the belief that your dream will come to fruition – and in this, I risk everything.

I told her that faith was believing in something that your true heart cannot see. I don’t believe in faith.

I told her that I KNOW that this Kickstarter campaign will be successful, because knowing is what makes dreams come true – and I SEE THIS. I see giving, helping, inspiring.

At exactly 6AM this morning, I click the button to make my campaign go live to the world – and I KNOW it will far surpass the goal.

I’ve had many people say that I needed to lower the money I need to make it happen, and I did as much as I could. What I ask for is the base of what I need to create the best I could ever give to you – nothing less, nothing more.

When you see the link tomorrow, please support it in any way possible. Give. SHARE. Know that what you do keeps me alive.

And I WILL give back.


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