Open During Construction

Keeping with the whole “change” thing I have going on, I’ve also decided to change from the theme that I’ve used on WordPress since time immemorial. Some of you may have noticed – if you keep track of that sort of thing.

Or maybe you just felt as if something was a bit… different, but couldn’t put your finger on it. It started eating away at you, wondering what it was but also wondering if you might be going just a little bit crazy or being overly distracted by something else you aren’t sure of, but caused you to put the coffee grounds directly in the pot instead of the filter this morning.

Well, I can’t say for certain if you’re losing your mind or not – or if it’s already long gone for that matter. I can however tell you that I’m in the process of changing the theme for my blog, so that is one less thing you have to worry about.

It’s not you, it’s me.

As I figure out more of how I want it to look & what this theme is capable of, it will continue to change as well.

I regret that I can’t comfort you any more than that, however – though I’m sure that there’s a perfectly good reason why you put your socks on your hands instead of your feet this morning. The main thing is that no one noticed, right?

At least, no one as far as you know.

Just… maybe take a few days off from social media, and whatever you do, don’t visit YouTube. Or watch the news.

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