For those who I love.

I don’t know where to go vrom here, but I continue. Searching, judging each entry, every little part of my soul to determine if it’s valid. If it holds. If it lets you know not just how I shine but how far I have fallen.

Some days in this work are harder than others, and the tears fall. Every single day brings a remembered pain. Rivers flow and wrap themselves around anything in their path, and that is what I must do. They continue. I must.

I was so dreadfully wrong when I thought that this would be easy – after all, they’re just stories, right? Words written from a different life, just trying to heal, help someone. Let them know they aren’t alone.

But I work. I write, I continue.

This is for the dreamers. the believers, for those who thrive on the hope  of fulfilling the potential we’ve all been blessed with. I cry at every word written… or I smile. This is what I have to give.

Life is hard sometimes, but please – NEVER give up. REFUSE to give up.

I believe in the life I’ve been given, over and over. I do this for you, I do this for me – to become who we are; to LIVE and tell the world around us to fuck off. WE is something special, and I know how much it means.

We means – I love you. I always will.

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I’ll never stop writing, but I will be more inspired if more people hear.


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