Another Great Step Forward for #MyBook!


I just secured the amazing Chuck Revell’s photography as some of the awesome multi-tier rewards for the Early-Bird & official Kickstarter campaigns for #MyBook!
Out of the kindness of his heart & to support this project, he will be donating some beautiful fine-art images, and *EVEN* for a few *very* fortunate contributors, a personal photo-shoot!

Check out what his extraordinary eye catches through the lens at RevellRay Photography:

Of course there will be many more fantastic rewards for those who support the creation and publishing of my book, but I really wanted to be able to offer some extra rewards that are less common in a publishing campaign, and supporters should have as much beauty to choose from as they deserve.

The “official” Kickstarter campaign is involving tons of work and lots of waiting for others (mostly for the video).
Needless to say, I (and others who have been on my ass to write the book since I first spoke of it) am far too excited about getting the thrilling but arduous process of #MyStory in gear to wait for everyone else,  so I’m creating something very special.

In order to get this book rolling ASAP, there will be an Early Bird Campaign launched very soon (this Mon. or Tues.)
It will be independent of the Kickstarter, but hold true to and even above the same promise and pledge to its supporters.

The really cool thing about it is that it will offer *very* special, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind rewards that will NOT be available on the official Kickstarter campaign, as a special show of appreciation from me to you! One they’re gone however – they’re gone, never to be seen or offered again.

If you don’t want to miss the opportunity to find out what *those* kick-ass rewards will be, then follow me here, On Facebook  or on Twitter at @kSea_flux –

And please – feel free to share this *everywhere*. I’ve got a HUGE & beautiful project in front of me, and it will need as much support as possible.


Love love love,
~ kSea


The Power of Love


Because THIS is What We Can Do! (aka Occupy the DNA Lounge!)

For those who don’t know and/or don’t want to take the time to read over the past year of my blog, I offer this – The power of the Human Spirit, of Love, and a brief explanation of what we can do when we take our lives into our *own* hands, instead of playing the pawn to the pharmaceutical corporations & medical insurance companies so that they can line their pockets at our greatest expense – our lives. I’ll *try* to keep it short. Please bear with me as this is *incredibly* abbreviated.

          A little over a year ago, on October 6th, 2010 to be exact, I was admitted to a wonderful place; A Respite/ Hospice care facility called Maitri – a word that means “Compassionate Friendship” in Sanskrit, with complications that had been plaguing me for years due to Hepatitis C. They affected every part of my life, and even took me away from what I love the most – performing, delighting others, and being a part of my dear family, the Vau de Vire Society.

          Shortly after I arrived at Maitri all hell broke loose with my body – the toxins & waste that my liver could not process gathered in my body worse than they ever had before, and pooled up in my legs and abdomen. For the first few months there I took the medications that my Dr. prescribed, but unfortunately those were little if any help. It was when he had to start prescribing medications to combat the symptoms that the *other* medications were causing that I started to think, and to get angry. I felt that there *must* be some other way.


          I began countless hours, day after day, week after week of research to try to find something that might help, but in a natural, holistic way. Something that didn’t destroy the body it was meant to help, like so many Western medications do. (It was reported by the American Medical Association in 1998 that even when taken properly, prescription “medicines” accounted for 100,000 deaths, and over one million hospitalizations.)

          When I began ordering the herbs, tinctures, potions, lotions, and anything that I could that I believed would work for me, I quickly found that, though they are MUCH less expensive than Western meds, of course none of them were covered by insurance – each bottle I bought took money away from the pharmaceutical corporations, and well, they don’t like that too much. Even if something is *proven* to work, it was natural so couldn’t be regulated.

          It was then that I realized that I had to do something which I absolutely loathed to do – ask for help. Ask for money, so I could stay alive and battle Hep C and the symptoms that it was causing in my body. At the worst of it, I weighed 227 lbs – with about 70 lbs of that being toxins that my body couldn’t process. I describe it slightly in my blog, but even that doesn’t come close to the hell I was going through.

          Much to my surprise, and with countless tears of appreciation and love shed, the money I needed to purchase the natural medicines to literally stay alive and get better began coming in, and I was then my own experiment, my own test subject – determining what worked and what didn’t for *me*. I did everything I could, from meditation, to herbs, to visualization and more to get better – and ya know what? It worked! It’s working.

Roughly seven months later, I was up, walking, my legs and abdomen back down to a relatively normal size. The nurse that came in to help with my legs said that she had never seen anyone heal so quickly; most of the other medical professionals that cared for me implied that they were worried that I would die. (I want to say now that I was and am truly blessed to have the team I had looking after me, as there are far too many “Doctors” that swim in the deep end of the ignorance pool, and believe only western medicines can heal. The people looking after me, however, supported me in every way they could, and for that, I am eternally grateful.)

I officially left Maitri on November 1st; feeling wonderful, feeling ALIVE, and walking on my own two feet. I still need to take the herbs & wear special compression stockings, but compared to where I was only seven months ago, hanging on by sheer will alone to life and barely able to move, much less walk, hell, that ain’t nothin’!

My new goal is to completely clear myself of the Hepatitis C Virus using the same methods, but again – more research and the inclusion of many different herbs and… everything else. It will be expensive, but it’s been done before – and I have found the strength, will and love to do it through all of you.

When I finally AM cleared of the virus, I plan to write a book so that others will realize that they DO have options – healthy ones – and that they don’t need to be a nameless sack of profit flesh for the corporations that couldn’t give a damn about their one life. It is in this way I hope to pay forward all of the help and support that has, and continues to come my way – and perhaps someday, those corporations will get pissed off and afraid enough to include certain proven herbs and holistic therapies in their insurance plans… but even if they don’t, at least those who read my book and are brave enough to find humility and ask for help will do so, and realize, like I have, how much love there actually is out there in the world.

If you can’t make it to the benefit THIS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1oth/11th, 2011 but still wish to donate and help me in my fight, my Paypal address is

Thank you all so very much for helping to keep me alive – as without your love and support, without the determination I have to get back on stage and be able to delight and perform for everyone possible, it is very likely that instead of writing this, I would be nothing but a fond memory right now.

With love,

~ kSea flux


To be Cured… & then, To Help

Over six months.

Over six months I’ve been in here, watching life from afar – my life, our life, the life I once had that so magnificently, rightfully, justifiably exhausts me and fills me with the energy of love as I see so many beautiful people, the people I am so blessed to call my friends and acquaintances as I walk into and around an event, as I fall in love with such beauty over and over and over again, completely awestruck by the talent, the dreams that are realized through so much effort, the way that they shine so brilliantly…

and gods, just things as simple as seeing someone’s face light up, a reflection of mine, as we notice each other on the floor and say hello.

It’s impossible to portray in words how much I miss that…

So I fight like hell – not only to live, but to come home. To be a part of the life I love so much again, to feel alive instead of watching people die – people who have given up the fight, or simply don’t know how to. I’ve watched four people die since I’ve been in here, and I’m sure there will be more… this is not a place that I want to be, but it’s where I need to be right now – so I fight like hell, doing every small thing in my power to get healthy enough to leave. I know exactly what my goal is, and I’m going to reach it.

For the most part I’ve been feeling better, much better since I began taking control over my own healing, but still have the edema and ascites (leg & abdomen swelling due to (in my case) cirrhosis of the liver), carrying an extra forty pounds of fluid which needs to come off – and therein lies the challenge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s funny, in a tragic way.

The books I’m reading about real people who have cleared the Hep C Virus are like sitcoms where they keep complaining about how much money it takes, how much money they don’t have, yet they still manage to somehow come up with hundreds or  sometimes thousands of dollars for this treatment, that miraculous remedy, that perfect supplement or other thing which under normal circumstances I would write off as pure quackery, but in doing countless hours of research am convinced enough that it actually works to try it – these aren’t normal circumstances. I desperately want to live, not just survive, watching life and the world go by in pain, too exhausted to do anything anymore. I count my pennies and do what I can, but…

I think of all of the people who purchase their books; full of hope, expectations, and optimism that perhaps they could have their lives and dreams back before everything took a turn for the worse and the world they knew fell apart – that maybe, just maybe, the constant fatigue, the pain, & all of the various symptoms that are created by Hep-C could truly be cured. They read voraciously about these people who actually cured themselves, anticipating getting started… then they get to the parts about how much all of it cost the people who did it, and again, just like the other books, with a heavy sigh put the book down, again with all of their hopes and dreams, and wait to die, because they can’t afford to live.

To be CURED. Healed completely of Hepatitis C, forever. Something that the majority of western medicine still refuses to acknowledge as possible, but the proof that it’s possible if you’re willing to fight for your life is everywhere, baby – in the books I buy, in the relentless & exhausting research I do on the internet, checking and double checking all of the things that say they can help me live again. Some, of course, I still write off as complete bullshit – others that I have glanced over before, however… well, considering the dire circumstances & the extra research I have done, I feel deserve a fighting chance – to add to my chance to stay alive.

To be Cured. To have the energy back to chase down & live out my dreams – with perhaps the most important and reachable dream I have ever had added to them all. In the time I’ve been here and the research I’ve done, I’ve decided that I need to write a book – a book about how I cured myself with barely any money, a book that won’t discourage the average person from their fight to live. It will be complete yet relatively short, simple, and most important, hopefully fun to read. Something that gives hope, fuels the fight to stay alive – and maybe, just maybe – saves lives. (The book I’m reading now is dry as all hell, and though filled with perhaps the best & most information out of any other book I’ve bought, a bitch to get through.)

On a subject about something that is the fastest growing epidemic these days, I don’t think getting it published will be difficult…

But the only way I can write it is to get results, to cure myself, and with the fees I’m paying here & my only income being a single disability check, I don’t have the money I need to actually do all of the things I need to do to see if they work or not. I run out of herbs I know that are working to be able to afford something new, I don’t have any choice but to sometimes go with the lowest price/quality of them, and though many people have been wonderful and helped here and there with money, the fight to be able to purchase what I need is ongoing – it won’t stop until, at the very least, I’m healthy enough to leave this place and not have to pay the fees (or pay for food twice, as the health of the food here is, for the most part, pathetic; a small example being Tang and fruit punch instead of actual juices, and most everything over-salted. I spend as much as possible simply for food that isn’t bad for me…

So here it comes. I need people’s help, on a steady basis – but only until I’m out of here, and I’m fighting like hell towards that goal. I need to be able to stay in the herbs & supplements that I know do help, and be able to have the financial ability to try different things such as regular liver & gallbladder cleanses, purchase better, more effective herbs, be able to try other things that look promising and hell, just something as simple as healthy food. Though what I am doing has helped since I decided to take my healing into my own mind and hands in January, it needs to be stepped up in order to get healthy enough to actually get my ass out of here – to fight this like hell, to fight it with everything I can, as the new book I’m reading described a condition that my symptoms match exactly called Portal Hypertension – and it progresses severely.

That means asking for help. Asking you for help, because you’re all that I have. I believe that only another $100 – $200/month on top of my average of $300 will do it – and hell, compared to the f*cked up costs of prescription drugs, I feel that’s a bargain to stay alive. (My HIV meds – a bottle of 30 tablets – costs over $1700/month by comparison).

So… if any of you can commit to helping regularly so I don’t have to keep asking – $20, $40, $50/month, to help this fight, preferably in the middle-ish of the month when the plethora of necessary “save kSea’s life” stuff begins to run out (I take more than the recommended dose with many, as that’s for healthy people) – I don’t think I need to say how much I would appreciate it.

If it means anything, you’ll get an “Extra Special Thanks” mention in my book…

Which I will write from the beautiful road while I simultaneously get my ass back to working on CultureFlux.

If you can help at all, or if you have helped, thank you so very much – you know how much it means to me – but in order for this to work I need steady assistance so I can keep up on all of what I need to fight this – and I need to fight like hell.

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