for now
I sit in my bed for the first time
in a long while

and wrong.

I think of darkness and
candle light
wishing that the sun would go away

in this fully- lit electric life
we talk and we talk about
what we are doing.

We talk about our outsides…

For one night, alone or with friends,
prepare dinner ahead
light candles
and see what you say then.

You will find a difference.
You will speak of feelings
You will speak from the inside.

and if you are alone
you will still be heard.


in time

There was once a time when I had all the time in the world.
I was indestructible, immune to all life could challenge me with. Stronger and understanding that it’s just a game.
Nothing has changed. Nothing but time.

Misunderstood and it’s you, us; not me who destroys what never will be/ I have a timeline.

So much heart unspoken in the hospital beds, I now find my voice – and scare you away in speaking it.
I don’t depend on time anymore. I say what I need to. I don’t speak anything short of…

Once, I had the luxury of saying nothing, in waiting,

only believing in time…