out from underneath

It’s all in my mind.
I keep telling myself that, doing my best to rip it away, rip it out and discard it like I did most of the memories of my childhood, but it’s tricky. I tend to hold onto things.

I can almost trace it back to the exact time it started, this heart-hoarding. 1986. A call, telling me i would be dead within a year, or maybe a few months longer in excruciating pain if i wasn’t lucky. 19 years old, and all of the sudden all the time I thought I had wasn’t there anymore. I needed to remember it all. I needed a reason to die smiling.

Everyone else was doing what they should. I read the papers, heard about the vigils, and everyone else was behaving as expected, taking their last breaths in a timely manner.

A year passed, then two, then three, and every day for over a decade I would wake up and wonder if that was the day I finally got sick.

every single fucking day, when my mind was left to wander for even a few minutes, I remembered – I couldn’t forget – that every second mattered, and shouldn’t be forgotten.

It’s hard to break a habit like that, but I need to. I need to crawl out from underneath this shadow that has kept me from believing in any kind of future for myself.
Things need to change. need to change.

It’s all in my mind.


Three days, for better or worse

Forgive me, my dear WordPress friends – as much as I have wanted to, my writing mind has been completely saturated with thoughts of my campaign, and when I find I actually have the time to post to my blog, I just don’t have the mental tools to write something good – even as much as my head is SWIMMING with other things.
they aren’t able to find there way here… yet.

Rest assured though, on Thursday at 8pm PST when my campaign ends, I WILL be back, crawling into your loving arms.
To tide both of us over however, here’s something I sent out earlier today. Please read it, check out the campaign & video & the *incredible* project – if you wish – and I look forward to coming back to you soon!

Believe me, I have missed you – and especially these pages – dearly.

~ Casey

Hello again, my Friends, Family & Comrades!

There’s a bit of magic happening in the final stretch of my campaign, & we have but only

54 Hours and counting at the time of this writing, and we’re coming up from behind.

With a dramatic leap yesterday of nearly $2000 in only a FEW HOURS, I’m on friggin’ Cloud Five, with a definite hint of Cloud NINE peeking out from just over the horizon!

My dog, Ruby, absolutely loves the extra hugs and play she’s been getting as a result of my boosted mood – although she doesn’t seem to be to hip on the dancing part.

That jump was made possible by only a few friends (and a bit of me) who simply realized that in a circumstance like this, the possibility of annoying a few people with posts & emails temporarily is WELL worth the hundreds of lives this book can inspire & improve *permanently* – not to mention entertain the HELL out of them with the wild stories!

Imagine what would happen if the interwebs were thronging with *scores* of people who believe in the power this illustrious & (soon-to-be) celebrated book will have in reigniting the spark of wonder in countless eyes, the blazing fire in innumerable hearts, and the ecstatic dance in feets that refuse to drag any longer. Just IMAGINE!

NOW, take those few people as a wonderful example & do what they did – email friends! Post to Facebook groups! Send private messages – and above all, get creative and have FUN doing it!
REMEMBER – all it takes is reaching that ONE PERSON who understands how powerful this book will be, and has the finances to fund it. It’s far from uncommon – we just need to find her or him!


And lookee here! To save you time & energy, I’ve even included below a helpful cheat, something you can easily just copy & paste when you share the excitement of the campaign! Of course, feel free to change it in ANY way you feel appropriate, and THANK YOU!

With ALL of my love, gratitude & determination,

~ Casey

And HERE is your ready-made blurb! Perfect for emails, private messages, billboards in very slow traffic areas (like *all* of San Francisco), Group & Page posts, tattoos (temporary, of course) and anywhere that your beautifully creative mind sees fit – I would LOVE to hear of something

***Listen up people! There are only a few precariously short days left to help one of the most amazing & unique memoirs make the leap from dream to reality, and the world is depending on you to help make it happen! They need and *deserve* a chance to read it!

This guy, Casey Porter, has lived a wild & inspiring life, a beautiful testament to what we can do when we don’t give up.
He was living just an average, ordinary life until 12 years ago – then changed *everything* & has since lived as a circus performer, busker, worked with The Dresden Dolls, volunteered for Katrina refugees, created & published the first circus performance & arts magazine EVER, and he’s even fought back from the brink of death when even his doctors didn’t think it was possible.
This book will not only wildly entertain you with his unbelievable (but entirely true!) stories, but inspire hundreds, maybe *thousands* of people – and on top of that he’s really nice!
He’s still fighting for his health, so I’m asking you to please – support & share his Kickstarter to get the book finished & out to the world while he’s still alive to share it. You’ll be SO happy that you did!***


SO… this one goes out to *everyone* but especially #thedresdendolls & #thedresdendollsbrigade , including Amanda Palmer & Brian Viglione, if you’re willing, able, and OH so kind to offer a few words…

I’m writing “a brief history of me” for an ongoing, educational & illustrious freelance gig which involves interacting with LOTS of people, influencing, inspiring, learning from and teaching them. Things that are right up my alley, and perhaps why I have been blessed with so many challenges in this life – to truly KNOW what I’m talking about…

So – have I, even in the smallest way, inspired or influenced you in my writing, my bajillions of personal emails, or my engagement with you?

If I did, please let me know! I would love the inspiration, the reminder of who I *can* be, the strength to write the best fucking words they have ever felt.

I want them to beg me to work with them, and they will – but I would love a bit of inspiration from *your* voice to make mine stronger.

This job is a game-changer in my life. It is what I have fought so fucking hard for: Not just a “job”, but the continuation of this exquisite journey…

Please help me show them how much they need someone like me – and THANK YOU!

~ kSea, Casey, QuaySee, QueSi, etc…